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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

its 4th feb 2012 .. a day never to forget- “ Ecstatic night on plywood stack”

Well , it has  been hell of a day today. just got down at Chennai Egmore from the train in motion,rather scared moment to be short ! I’d overslept in the morning and so such a thing happened.. took local train to Tambaram from Egmore ; bus from there to porur . i ate at a place never like before. god knows what he made. and got no proper place to sleep at night. Adding fuel to the fire,I’m now present inside a Plywood godown. and will be spending my night inside it.. in my entire life, this is first time.. like a necessity evil thing. i have to manage since i got no other option. no more money. nothing.. loving it .. and this short period of time in my life has made me more matured, more situation oriented guy, a thinker, a postive person in every situations. thank you ebiz.,  . god bless me to go ahead.. its night 1:00 am. going to sleep. good morning..

“Ecstatic night on plywood stack “. :O

-Sambeet M.

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Sambeet Mohapatra

Sambeet Mohapatra
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Sambeet Mohapatra

Sambeet Mohapatra
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