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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

amazing days of feb 6th &7th 2012, days gone,memories alive

morning started as usual at the ply-godown . then went on to eat at anugraha , it is one of the best restaurants around. went on to make the ticket to bbsr . came back. since i had made it for the next day,i had to leave that day. Made a general ticket ,went to Egmore station that is 1.5 kms west of Central. Chennai metro rail work is going on over there.. reached egmore at 8 pm . got up the train at 10 30pm . the bogies weren’t categorized , as such i had to hurry down again and go into another one.. Earlier at the station i met a person from Shillong,Meghalaya. He was there with his friends ,and of course two were girls ,he helped me put my luggage beneath his reserved seat. well that was all i needed. TTE came and cross checked the tickets , i had to go to toilet ;just in case i’m not fined,protect myself,my money,and savor the moment inside the toilet of a  sleeper class;quote-“unhygienic” . I got a seat and slept till 4 am in morning,when suddenly ,horrified,however,TTE woke me up ,kicked me away and gave that seat to someone else.. now things are fine . writing this blog at Berhampur station ,15:43 hrs .

“Train journey is always exciting, brings experience into your life , makes you meet new people from different places,though they are unknown at first , but you get attached as if you know them from a long time . “


:- Sambeet M.

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Sambeet Mohapatra

Sambeet Mohapatra
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Sambeet Mohapatra

Sambeet Mohapatra
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