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Saturday, January 28, 2012

windows 8 is awesum !!

i am speechless .. its so fast .. still under development !! apps can be installed except Antivirus !! its preinstalled and the best !! win 8 beats all

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

sourav my bro is a useless guy

cant write useless ..

engineering is easy .. all i did was neglect it.. made it rotten for me

well i’ve decided to beat the hell out of me in these upcoming 4 or 5 months… business will go on as usual .. studies will be at peak high after 3 yrs.. and its no committment.. i’m gonna do it … yes !!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Want to keep Birthday .. low profile

would like to keep my birthday a bit low profile.. as i don’t celebrate .. lets see ..

god bless me and my blog .. .. ..

Board meeting in Sambalpur was ok … kind of improving things there

gdmrng to me !!

i hope i can improve myself on certain fields that i’ve realized lately… yep … turn up in hirakud was not that well.. but we are improving as a team.. teaching.. training .. people must grow..


Geographical expansion is need of the hour

Chennai, Jamshedpur,Raipur,Hyderabad,Bangalore* .. to see to it urgently with proper attention…

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

was not a satisfactory day !!

i overslept .. missed promotions.. and ended up the day by eating at some relatives’ marriage reception. .. food was intolerable thanks to bird flu rumors of not having chicken !! lol !!


patched up relations with an old friend … atleast was helpful !! god bless.. make tomorrow brighter !

jai ebiz



Sambeet M.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

Was a decent day .. ended with grt lesson from Bithal ji



morning started with presn… then a training.. the n had to solve some probs with Subh..


evening training.. thread ceremony of nephew ..But Bithal ji enlightened the day with great thoughts..


hoping well to do tomorrow.. training at Bithal ji residence !! jai ebiz .. gdm



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Will try to prevent BREAK UP with my gf tomorrow…

well.. at 11 am.. i gotta be well dressed.. speak well.. think well if i have to not have a break up with SUBH.. lets see what happens.. fingers crossed !!

Grt day…. had a grt meeting at ICAI Bhawan

really a grt day to start with … meeting brought the passion to go ahead and do big… really gonna rock thistime.. i love god… god bless.. gotta work hard.. jai eBIZ.


Sambeet M

Thursday, January 12, 2012


i could not get ticket conformed in Coromandel express to Chennai !! .. how AO sick of the Railways !!


god have mercy on thy souls !!

Sambeet M

WLW 2011

Its really great for blogging !! its 4:00 in morning … Open-mouthed smile

my WESTERN DIGITAL HDD Works just fine

finally had to format my HDD today at 2 AM . thank god it will work again..


Tongue out Sambeet M.

Repairing Weston Stupid Digital external HDD – got some bad sectors..

how can i write about this irritating thing that happened to me earlier !! my HDD got corrupted.. It cant be read on any Windows OS

So i made a LINUX LIVE USB !!! and copied my Data Back to my laptop that i got formatted today..


BOTH are 250 GB !! god save data.. god save WD HDD.. lolzzzz :D


A grt pic of Sambeet Mohapatra !!

sambeet its me :Sambeet Mohapatra @lonavla 2011

A very Dull Day

it wasn’t that great day today.. college was there .. and laptop was broken.. got it working again..thanks tio KIIT UniversityOpen-mouthedTongue out


Saw Someone whom I Hate A Lot . its not vendetta.. but anger instead.. why did i see her today??

hopefully tomorrow turns out to be great !! i’ll have to make my tatkal tickets to chennai 2morrow morning.. lets see if i can do it on time.. please god ,be with me this time…


work hard


Sambeet M.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yepieeeeeeeee WLW

Open-mouthed windows live writer is cool stuff .. long live Microsoft !!



Sambeet M.. .

Messed up with lappy

My lenovo SL400 keeps crashing again and again .. fed up with it


even my HDD weston Digital ain’t responding. stuck !!!

let me try and get a backup from Linux Mint 12.. hope it works. LMAO !!


Sambeet Mohapatra

Sambeet Mohapatra
Me at sis marriage

Sambeet Mohapatra

Sambeet Mohapatra
ebiz Picnic-chilika,Odisha
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